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In-Studio filming is the most easy, afforable way to put your monologues, auditions, songs, musical pieces, etc. onto DVD, the internet, and email. We film with a Panasonic HPX-170 professional HD digital camera that mimcs the look of film by shooting 24 frames per second:



Click here to look at our Sample IN-STUDIO FILMING Reel

In addition, we offer an on-set coach/director to help put you at ease and bring out your best performance. This service is offered at no additional charge. We simply want you to look the best that you possibly can and book that job!


If you want to put together a Hosting Reel and opt to use our Teleprompter Services, you will never have to memorize again. You will be able to simply read off the Teleprompter and no one will know the difference! (Teleprompter classes and one-on-one coaching are also available). A lot of clients choose to combine Teleprompter and Green Screen Services to create the ultimate hosting reel, webisode, or pilot demo. Below are some examples:

Sample Hosting Reel

Sample Hosting Webisode

Sample Pilot Demo

Give us a call to discuss prices for these services.



You can also opt to film a "Mock" reel, where you pick a scene and we film you. We can provide professional actors, at an additional charge, and have wonderful directors who will bring out your best performances, as well as a professional crew. Once you get your finished scenes, no one will know that your project wasn't an actual indie film.

For that matter, if you have a scene that you would like to produce (perhaps you're looking to have a demo in order to induce interest to fund a feature), we can work with you to achieve the best possible product, while still remaining affordable by industry standards.

Perhaps you are a comedian or a singer or dancer and you would like a live performance filmed. We can do this as well. We offer several different options: a one, two, or three camera set-up. With our filming equipment we can go directly into the sound board to make almost CD quality sound recording of anyone on microphone. As you can imagine, prices vary enormously, so give us a call to give you a quote for any Off Premises Filming.

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